About us

Founded in the year 2000, the school has a relaxed and happy atmosphere and is based on a strong ethic of mutual respect, care and consideration.  We encourage politeness, helpfulness, self-confidence, hard work and enjoyment.

Teachers are fully qualified to teach the syllabi of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) in Imperial Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Jazz and Tap dance and is CRB checked.

Recent successes

Students passed their ISTD examinations all with merits and distinctions in July 2018. Another fantastic set of results! Well done everybody!

Recent performances

'If you can dream' shows at Cheltenham and Evesham in June and July 2018.

'Mini' show 'So Random!' at Evesham and Cheltenham in June and July 2016. 

About 20 students performed at St. Christopher's Church Dedication Weekend and Flower Festival. We showed several dances from our latest show. It was a lovely event.

Our previous show was 'When I grow up...' at the Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham and at the Arts Centre Theatre, Evesham, in June 2014.

Students may perform at the Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts held at the Town Hall in May every year.

Several students performed for elderly residents at a nursing home and chatted to them afterwards.

'I really enjoyed the soldiers dance because it was filled with fun and the smiles on the children's faces lit up the stage.' (A parent)

'I think our show was the best yet. I loved being part of it.' (Rhiannon, a grade 2 student).

'I would recommend this dance school to anyone who wants to do ballet!' (Caitlin John, a grade 2 student)


'If you can dream' Cheltenham June 2018

'Great show! Well done everyone!!'

'...I loved Pocahontas, it was brilliant.'

'A great show - lots of different dances and so good to see the dancers enjoying themselves'

'Some great dances. Loved Daisy's solos.'

'Frozen was c**l!'

'Great to see all the efforts on the stage!'

'A great show! I especially liked the pirates.'

'Fantastic show - lots of different styles. (It) was great fun!'

'If you can dream' Evesham July 2018

'I loved the show' (David Rusnak)

'I thought it was very good, but a bit hot'

'Lovely dancing!'

'Doing this year's dance show was a very enjoyable experience. Me and my friends all loved performing and we thought the show was a success.'

'So random!' Evesham June 2016

'Outstanding show as always! It was great to see the improvements made over the past year and the considerable effort put in by the girls. We particularly liked the variety of dances and costumes.' (Heather Davies)

'It was lovely to see the girls do their dances. Sarah [Carter's] playing and singing was fab!' (Emma Goodge)

'Enjoyable show to watch. I liked the variety of the dances, and the effort that all the girls put in.' (Laura Andrew)

'So random!' Cheltenham July 2016

'Fun' (Grade 2 ballet student)

'Yay, lots of fun!' (Grade 2 ballet student)

'Was fab. Great to see everyone in each class. Also to see how much better they get each year. xx' (Kate Thomas)

'Really enjoyed the show - lovely to see all the costumes and see the dances. Thank you very much for all the hard work.' (Jane James)

'The show was great, the hard work paid off. Well done Miss Hilary.) (Liz and Helen xx)

The shows, June 2014

'A lovely theme that linked well all the way through. All the performers were well practised and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Had a lovely evening watching it all - thank you!' (Ruth Wetherilt)

'I thought it was great - good variety of dances, and accomplished dancers. I particularly enjoyed the Pride and Prejudice dance - lots of jumps! (Joy Derby)

'Both Harriet and Tilly loved being in the show and we loved watching it. We were very proud parents. It flowed really well and we liked how every child had a chance to shine. Well done.'

'We all loved the show. It was thoroughly inclusive, imaginative and great fun!'

'We all loved the show. Mum and Dad and myself thought the standard of the dancing was so high. All the groups performed brilliantly.'

'Just wanted to say well done on another brilliant show this evening. All the dancers did a wonderful job (so did the singers)! I'm always amazed when Megan and Becca remember their routines ... I am very proud of them. I thought when Megan and Lauren sat up as skeletons and started dancing it was brilliant and Becca's dance made me feel quite emotional. I can't wait to watch it again when the DVD comes out.' (Julie Allen)

'The performance was amazing, each and every one of the children knew what to expect and wowed the audience with each performance. Well done all.' (Jan Rawlinson).

'I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the work you put in enabling the groups to perform in a real theatre. I have worked as learning support in a performing arts department, so I know just how much work goes into things like this. It was a wonderful evening, thank you.' (A parent)

'I really enjoyed the show. The set was well dressed and lit and the music complemented the dances. The girls looked lovely in their costumes and enjoyed their dances and performances. Well done to all the dancers and everyone behind the scenes and thank you Miss Hilary x' (A parent)

'Another great show by Miss Hilary. The costumes and set looked fab and the dancers were all fantastic. Looking forward to watching it all over again on the DVD Thank you Miss Hilary x' (Tracey Crawford)